Preparing for the Year

There’s been lots of change to the library and computer lab space over the summer. THANK YOU to so many people at POP who have been working together to make the new space, the Media Lab, a wonderful new place to discover and learn while using many types of media.

Students and classrooms will be using many types of media and will be able to extend and enrich learning in the lab. The space is planned for literature, technology, and creativity to take action (including this blogging site!)

As our blogs grow, come back here frequently to read and leave comments on student blogs. We look forward to reading and learning from your feedback.

God bless our school year!
Mrs. Peterson

About the Lab

What’s the Media Lab?

It’s a new space at POP where there will be books, technology, classroom work, extended learning, and special events taking place.

It’s a new space for all of POP to use! There are regularly scheduled classes for KP – Grade 6 (library checkout too!).

It’s a combination of library and computer lab. It’s using media in a combination of creative ways to enhance learning.

It’s a place to read, imagine, and discover. Stay curious and use your gifts to soar!

God bless the 2021 – 2022 year and all that we do!

Mrs. Peterson

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