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March 2022 – Here we are, nearly spring and closer yet to Spring Break. Time moves quickly!

Below you’ll find the students who have responded to the Lutheran School Postcards/Letters we have received. Connecting with others is always a treasure! We invite you to read and comment back.

Your digital pen pals,

6B Media Lab, POPCS


JAYDEN     St. Peter Immanuel, Decatur, IN

COLTON    St. Paul, Thorndale, TX

MATTHEW    Trinity Lutheran, Kalispell, MT

CYAN    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

AAYOG    Zion, St. Charles, MO and Trinity Lutheran, Kalispell, MT

NATHAN    St. Peter Immanuel, Decatur, IN

ELI    Zion, St. Charles, MO

ASHTON    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

MEAGAN    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

BRETT    Zion, St. Charles, MO and Trinity Lutheran, Atchison, KS

MICAH   St. Peter, Schaumberg, IL

Mail Exchange (Lutheran Schools Postcard Exchange)

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is a joy to connect with you through snail mail – postcards and letters. (Thanks to Mr. Kroll in Wisconsin for organizing everything!) When I share your mail, my students are amazed to find similarities and learn about differences where you live. It always brings about great discussion and leads to more discovery!

My sixth graders have written responses to your mail in their blog posts. I would love to continue to connect with you through the year! We also use Seesaw and could connect Seesaw blogs with you as another option.

God’s peace,

Mrs. Peterson


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