My New Home 100wc17

When I moved to Chicago, I set foot into my tiny studio apartment and looked out the window. The window which only allowed me to see the bricks of the building next to mine! So, in order to actually SEE things, I decided to take a walk. I found a park just a few blocks away. The park was heavily populated with people walking their dogs (very excited dogs to run around and play!). The fountain in the middle of the park had a waterfall, too. I was glad that I wouldn’t need to get a yellow taxi to go to this beautiful place.

The Great News 100WC#16

When my nephew, Tommy, called he had some great news. “Hi Aunt Diane, guess what?” I was caught off guard a bit and wondered what had happened. I figured it must be some big news. I was right! “I’m getting married!” he said. WOW! That was great news! Now for my questions…

“What’s her name?”

“How did you meet?”

“Where is she from?”

“When can I meet her?”

Tommy was realizing that lots of things were changing.  … ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought… The family would forever be blessed in a new way. A  new Mr. and Mrs. in the family!

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