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March 2022 – Here we are, nearly spring and closer yet to Spring Break. Time moves quickly!

Below you’ll find the students who have responded to the Lutheran School Postcards/Letters we have received. Connecting with others is always a treasure! We invite you to read and comment back.

Your digital pen pals,

6B Media Lab, POPCS


JAYDEN     St. Peter Immanuel, Decatur, IN

COLTON    St. Paul, Thorndale, TX

MATTHEW    Trinity Lutheran, Kalispell, MT

CYAN    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

AAYOG    Zion, St. Charles, MO and Trinity Lutheran, Kalispell, MT

NATHAN    St. Peter Immanuel, Decatur, IN

ELI    Zion, St. Charles, MO

ASHTON    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

MEAGAN    Grace Christian, Escondido, CA

BRETT    Zion, St. Charles, MO and Trinity Lutheran, Atchison, KS

MICAH   St. Peter, Schaumberg, IL

Mail Exchange (Lutheran Schools Postcard Exchange)

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is a joy to connect with you through snail mail – postcards and letters. (Thanks to Mr. Kroll in Wisconsin for organizing everything!) When I share your mail, my students are amazed to find similarities and learn about differences where you live. It always brings about great discussion and leads to more discovery!

My sixth graders have written responses to your mail in their blog posts. I would love to continue to connect with you through the year! We also use Seesaw and could connect Seesaw blogs with you as another option.

God’s peace,

Mrs. Peterson


My New Home 100wc17

When I moved to Chicago, I set foot into my tiny studio apartment and looked out the window. The window which only allowed me to see the bricks of the building next to mine! So, in order to actually SEE things, I decided to take a walk. I found a park just a few blocks away. The park was heavily populated with people walking their dogs (very excited dogs to run around and play!). The fountain in the middle of the park had a waterfall, too. I was glad that I wouldn’t need to get a yellow taxi to go to this beautiful place.

The Great News 100WC#16

When my nephew, Tommy, called he had some great news. “Hi Aunt Diane, guess what?” I was caught off guard a bit and wondered what had happened. I figured it must be some big news. I was right! “I’m getting married!” he said. WOW! That was great news! Now for my questions…

“What’s her name?”

“How did you meet?”

“Where is she from?”

“When can I meet her?”

Tommy was realizing that lots of things were changing.  … ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought… The family would forever be blessed in a new way. A  new Mr. and Mrs. in the family!

Fun, Smart Songs

Have you had commercial jingles or music stick in your brain with incredibly lasting power? I have! And the amazing thing to me is that the jingles sometimes last only a matter of seconds such as a company giving their phone number. Put it with a rhythm or some music and it’s more likely to have sticking power.

Such the case here with Common Sense Media. I love their characters and clever songs & music. I bet you will too… and then we’ll all be singing or humming along! Their lessons are great ones, so this is good food for the brain too. Fun and smart – Win! Win!

Click Below and Sing! ; D

Click and sing! : ) Be smart online!


Picture Perfect

I’m taking the Teacher Challenge in learning about Edublogs so we can all experience the most and enjoy making some fabulous picture perfect posts!

We all need to remember to give credit for pictures and work that is not our own. Edublogs gave LOTS of citing examples and site examples to use with ease. That’s great because we want to blog correctly without becoming bogged down by loads of rules.

The one I chose to use is one I’ve never heard of before.


This is a super easy place to go to find great pictures (student safe images from Creative Commons Flickr/Pixabay Safe Search) and… all free to use and the photo credit is included!

Love these speech bubbles. Expressive with or without words!
(And you see those tiny words? That’s the credit given and I didn’t have to do any work t
o put that there. It’s included when you download the picture.)

No citing necessary; this one’s a picture of my own.

Of course, uploading your own photo needs no citing. Here’s a picture of a picture I that a friend made for the Media Lab. I love the colors and design and message.

Now you can take your blogging to the next level. Finish some of your posts with a cool picture perfectly included with all attributions needed.

About the Teacher

Hello! I’m Mrs. Peterson and am excited for this new role that I’ve entered this year. I’ve been a classroom teacher for many years. I reached my 25 year milestone last year at POP! What started in the Preschool department led to Fourth Grade which now has led me to MEDIA LAB!

My love of literature, language arts, and technology are a great combination for learning in the lab. I feel it’s ultimately important for all to share learning in order to build a strong learning community together.

Sharing learning can look so many different ways: speaking, writing, journaling, blogging, drawing, and using technology platforms as well as other creative options. This is a list that could go on and on!

Incorporating the Bible and Christian faith are the building blocks for all learning and living life out loud. I love that daily life at POP is God-centered. We will build each other up and encourage one another in love. (1 Thes. 5:11) We are ROOTED in Him (Col. 2:7; 2020-21 school theme) and FEARLESS (Deut. 31:8; 2021-22 school theme!) because Christ is with us always.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to the year together with KP – Grade 6 students and families!

Mrs. Peterson

Quality Comments

Give time and thought when you leave your comments on someone’s blog post.

As bloggers leaving quality comments, we will:

  • Greet and be polite and friendly
  • Compliment on the blog post
  • Connect as in conversation
  • Ask a Question to increase interest

Remember to reread your comment before posting! (Just like you do with your own blog posts.) Grammar matters. Your words matter!

Also, check out the video:

Leaving High Quality Comments

by our very own Mr. Weiss!



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